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As a player in the Markham Business Sports League, I understand that the sport of baseball and/or volleyball presents a risk of physical and/or emotional injury to me. Therefore, as a condition of my entry in the Markham Business Sports League, I hereby waive any and all claims and causes of actions, legal suits, etc… against the organizers of the sport which may arise as a result of my participation in the sport.

I also understand and accept that I am providing a certain amount of information (ie. Birthdate) that is considered personal to the administrators of the sports offered. I understand and accept that the MBSL administrators may use this information for the purposes of administering my participation in the sports offered.

Also, as a player in the Markham Business Sports League, I understand it is my responsibility to treat all players, captains, assistant captains, umpires and MBSL administrators with the utmost respect and dignity. I also understand that I will not, under any circumstances, direct foul language, foul gestures or any racial, ethical or threatening remarks towards those same individuals. If this should occur, I will accept it may result in my possible removal from any further play in the sport by MBSL administrators and that I will have no recourse against MBSL administrators for that decision.

I consent to allowing the Markham Business Sports league to send me important information regarding, my team’s participation as well as the sports offered to my email address. Should I wish not to participate, I will advise the league to unsubscribe me from future emails.



Please read carefully the following conditions for registering a team in the Markham Business Sports League.

  • I agree that our team application and fees will be returned with full payment if not accepted by the Markham Business Sports League.
  • I agree that once accepted into the Markham Business Sports League, our payment will not be refunded in whole or in part by the Markham Business Sports League.
  • I agree as a captain, co-captain or registrar of my team, I will ensure that all players that participate on the field will be registered with MBSL in accordance to MBSL player registration requirements.
  • Should an unregistered player participate on the field, I accept full responsibility and/or actions that may result from my negligence.